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URBANAGE Represented at the First Edition of the Spanish Urban Forum

On 7th of October 2021, Dr. Patricia Molina, Lead Researcher of the Urban Transformation Laboratory at Tecnalia will organise and moderate a roundtable session at the Spanish Urban Forum. The Urban Forum is an official open space conceived by the Government to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas for strong, strategic and sustainable urban development in Spain.

Dr Molina's session is entitled: Technology for a more integrated and inclusive urban planning: the digital twins of the city which will comprise presentations from the recently started URBANAGE H2020 project covering potential use cases, challenges and the need for capacity building.

The objective of this session is to discuss innovative digital twin initiatives, both at the national and European level, and to generate a debate on the challenges and opportunities that this technology could have for Spain. Joining Dr Molina on the panel will be digital twin pioneers from Forum Virium Helsinki and the city of Santander.

Results from the panel will be shared here later this month. In the meantime to stay abreast of developments please sign up for the URBANAGE newsletter below.

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