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Delgado-Enales, P. Molina-Costa, E. Osaba, S. Urra-Uriarte and J. Del Ser, "Improving the Urban Accessibility of Older Pedestrians using Multi-objective Optimization," 2022 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2022, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/CEC55065.2022.9870432.

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Invisible in the smart city: Using participatory design methods for age-friendly solutions, Cora van Leeuwen, Juanita Devis Clavijo, Ilse Mariën and An Jacobs on behalf of the Digital Ageing Consortium


STEM Female Leaders – The Way Forward To Reduce The Gender Gap In Stem Fields , Scientix Observatory, September 2022 by Bilgin, A. S., Molina Ascanio, M., Milanovic, I., Kirsch, M., Beernaert, Y., Scicluna Bugeja, D., Noriega, M., Farrugia, J., Evagorou, M., Molina, P., Kapoor, K., Malmberg, B., Trullàs, M., Pedralli, M., Neuberg, C., Koliakou, I., Magid-Podolsky, S., Herrero, B., Christou, E., Niewint-Gori, J., Fabry, E., Quarta, B., Miotti, B., Muscat, M., Vargas, R., Gras-Velázquez, A. (2022),

Video presenting the UnLock Cluster that was a result of the Horizon Results Booster programme. The UnLock Cluster comprises 4 projects: URBANAGE, DUET, PoliVisu, and ETAPAS.

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A policy brief on recommendations for responsible adoption of disruptive public sector technologies.


A policy brief and infographic critically reviewing the need for the public sector to better engage older adults in the design of more inclusive, accessible, age-friendly cities.

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