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In an era of aging populations, the URBANAGE ecosystem makes it easier for urban planners, decision makers and older adults to better co-design and develop inclusive, healthier and happier cities where people can retain their independence for longer.

Powerful big data analytical models, citizen co-creation channels, and digital twin capabilities help people understand the impact of existing and potential planning actions on older generations. As a result cities can make better evidence-based planning choices to solve real citizen needs, and address societal challenges to develop

age-friendly cities

European Urban Populations are Getting Older

Older populations pose challenges for cities including access to services, mobility, social isolation, healthcare and more. The speed and impact of this demograpgic change means cities need to act now to ensure their cities are inclusive, welcoming and supportive of older adults.

Image by Dan Dimmock

New Paper: Invisible in the Smart City: Participatory Design Methods for Age-Friendly Solutions

URBANAGE is delighted to share its newly published original research featuring in Frontiers Social Inclusion in Cities edition, 2022

Read the research >

Latest Results

Image by Austin Distel

Blog: Unlocking the Power of Smart Cities by Exploring Business Models for Digital Twins and AI


An exploration of some smart city business models, with an outline how they work, and what to consider when selecting a model.

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Using a Computer in a Blind Alley

Featured Deliverable: Use Cases outlined in Implementation and Validation Plan

Our 'Use Case Implementation and Validation Plan' deliverable  outlines the first use cases for each of the pilot sites/regions.

Find the Deliverable >

Flanders : Find out how Frans is finds a cool and comfortable spot in the city to meet his friends.

The Flanders region of Belgium will support policymakers in developing age-friendly cities through  through evidence based decisions, unlocked by combining geo and social data.

Learn more about Flanders's pilot >

Use Cases and Urban Test Beds

Helsinki: Meet Hanna as she seeks to find out about hidden issues for older citizens.

Helsinki's advanced city services are designed for general public needs. As its population ages the city would like to use its digital twin to better locate and solve issues for older adults.

Learn more about Helsinki's pilot >

Santander: See Antonio explore which neighbourhoods to prioritise age-friendly investment.    

Santander has a population older than the regional average. To ensure urban services are accessible for all the city will harness digital twin technology for urban design impact exploration 

Learn more about Santander's pilot >

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