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co-creating inclusive 
age-friendly cities




We bring together co-creation, research and disruptive new technologies to transform urban planning within the public sector to create age-friendly cities.  Our innovation approach fosters the creation of a new ecosystem of older people, researchers, city manager and businesses, around the common goal of improving the efficiency and inclusion of urban life.

Join us as we develop local digital twins solutions for better urban planning. We'll share the discovery, learnings and achievements from our pilot cities, and hope you'll talk to us too.  Find us on Twitter and LinkedIn or sign up for news updates in the footer below.

Senior Men Playing Chess

Policy Brief: Guidelines for Engaging Older Citizens in Co-Design Activities

Our first co-design workshops with older residents in Helsinki, Flanders and Santander provided us with insights on how to better engage these valuable members of society in policy exploration.

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Latest Results and Posts

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News: Amplifying the Voices of Older Adults

Elsie Haldane (Edited by Vilde Skorpen Wikan) wrote an article about URBANAGE and its mission to create age-friendly cities based on our European Week of Regions and Cities workshop.

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Blog: URBANAGE Showcased at European Smart Cities Marketplace

Patricia Molina Costa, from Tecnalia, participated as a senior expert in the Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster on Integrated Planning. The online event was held late 2021.

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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki's advanced city services are designed for general public needs. As its population ages the city would like to use its digital twin to better locate and solve issues for older adults.

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Urban Test Beds

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Santander, Spain

Santander has a population older than the regional average. To ensure urban services are accessible for all the city will harness digital twin technology for urban design impact exploration 

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Flanders, Belgium

The Flanders region of Belgium will support policymakers in developing age-friendly cities through  through evidence based decisions, unlocked by combining geo and social data.

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