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Shaping Tomorrow's Age-Friendly Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Members of URBANAGE pointing to the project logo printed on the booth

URBANAGE recently made a resounding impact at the esteemed Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, showcasing a series of dynamic presentations and hands-on demo sessions that unified influential figures and propelled discussions on smarter, more sustainable age-friendly cities.

Day 1: EDIC - Pioneering Smart Communities

Roberto Di Bernardo, the visionary coordinator of URBANAGE, set the tone with an insightful discussion on the integration of URBANAGE within the European Digital Infrastructure Consortium. His presentation emphasized the transformative potential of disruptive technologies for inclusive smart cities, focusing on the integration of technology, sustainability, and community engagement in urban development.

Day 2: Innovation Unveiled at the European Commission Booth

Silvia Urra Uriarte highlighted innovation concepts for age-friendly cities, emphasising technology's role in creating interconnected urban environments for inclusive living. Practical planning applications developed by pilot cities in co-creation with their older residents were showcased in a live demonstration, generating enthusiasm among attendees and stakeholders.

Day 2: Transforming Cities Through AI

Patricia Molina contributed to a thought-provoking discussion on the vital role of age-friendly policy frameworks in translating innovative ideas into tangible changes in urban landscapes, sparking conversations on the synergy between technology and governance.

Day 3: Human-Centric Urban Development

Susie Ruston McAleer delivered an impassioned address, emphasising community involvement in shaping liveable, healthy cities. Her focus on the human aspect within technological advancements inspired collaborative efforts towards more people-centric urban development.

The multi-day event not only showcased the expertise and diversity within the URBANAGE initiative but also fostered collaboration among thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers. Over 200 copies of the Lessons Learned factsheet for urban planning transformation were distributed, along with information postcards.

URBANAGE plans to follow up with the contacts made during the event and anticipates sharing the final Policy Brief soon. To receive the first copy, interested audiences can sign up for updates through the provided form in the footer below. In the meantime to find out more about our participation in SCEWC 23 and to access our presentations use the link below...

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