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Disrupting Urban Planning with Big Data, AI and Digital Twins

Urban planning is a complicated process that comprises utility structures, distribution chains, communication networks, infrastructure, and several other features and procedures. Urban planners are adopting planning software and services to handle these types of intricate processes and help them conceptualize city layouts and future design plans.

The URBANAGE project aims to support this digital shift with a framework for decision making specifically in the field of urban planning. Special attention is paid to the building of a decision-support Ecosystem that forms the basis of the framework which will integrate Big Data Analysis, modelling and simulation techniques with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and advanced visualization through the medium of Local Digital Twins.

More specifically, URBANAGE is developing an Ecosystem that improves the quality of decision making on issues related to urban planning for age-friendly cities, by harnessing the collective intelligence of users. The Ecosystem will integrate multiple variables from varied data sources, in order to better tackle the complexity and interrelated nature of urban systems.

The project will deal with the social and political components of urban systems, the potential benefits, risks, and impact of implementing a long-term sustainable framework for data-driven decision-making with the aim to lead to more sustainable decisions and cross-sectoral strategic actions. The technical components to build an intelligent data management framework that will support advanced data analysis and simulation capabilities, are currently being developed include:

  • Data management components that will be in charge of collecting, aggregating and harmonising different types of data, coming from various sources in the cities

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms and simulation engines that will be able to analyse the collected data and provide predictions support decision-making processes, and

  • Big Data analytics components able to analyse a large set of data to extract knowledge providing visual dashboards for the end users.

In parallel, an URBANAGE Digital Twin is being developed as an extensible platform that can be supported through solution accelerators. This platform will integrate solution accelerators and will allow interaction with them through a user interface.

Following the development of these components, the integration phase will begin and allow for the accomplishment of a functional integrated system and more specifically, the building of a reliable and manageable core system that is replicable and extendable.

To better understand the URBANAGE architecture and its various the components and microservices that will help meet user needs, the Ecosystem Prototype Report deliverable has been published by the project.

For more information on the URBANAGE project visit WWW.URBANAGE.EU

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