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Digital Flanders Introduces URBANAGE to Civil Servants at its Smart Data Academy training days

In April the Digital Flanders Department of the Flemish Government recently hosted two Smart Data Academy training days in Brussels, designed to keep stakeholders including local government decision makers, organisations, and companies - up to date on the latest Digital Flanders-related developments and trends in the world of data and technology.

The dynamic training experience included plenary talks, technical sessions, and hands-on business-specific sessions offering insights into the developments and processes of Open Standards for Linked Organizations (OSLO), Flemish Smart Data Space (VSDS), Smart Data Sharing and various concrete smart applications such as the H2020 EU DUET, URBANAGE and COMPAIR project-based solutions.

Jurgen Silence from Digital Flanders introduced the URBANAGE project to delegates and presented the Flanders Green Comfort Index in detail during a 30-minute plenary session about "Smart applications in practice" on the 21st April.

The Green Comfort Index is a smart city application that enables older residents of the city to share data about green and comfortable spaces in a city. A map-based dashboard displays the data in an interactive way enabling older residents to find the most pleasant public spaces for themselves as well as providing useful data for city planners.

To find out more about this use case and the URBANAGE Project visit

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