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Video presenting the UnLock Cluster that was a result of the Horizon Results Booster programme. The UnLock Cluster comprises 4 projects: URBANAGE, DUET, PoliVisu, and ETAPAS.

We are forging the future of age-friendly cities through disruptive technologies.  This brief explainer videos explains our mission and introduces the concept of digital twins for collaborative data-driven decision making.

Actively engaging older people as actors in urban planning

In 2030, 1 billion people across the globe will be 65 years or older with the majority living in cities. Longer urban-based lives need to be urgently planned for by local authorities and urban planners. Digital Twins are a game changer for achieving age-friendly cities. In this video from URBANAGE's wokshop at the EWRC 2021, viewers will learn from the experiences of Helsinki, Santander and Flanders about how to lower barriers to older citizen engagement; effective co-design ingredients; and how to use Digital Twin technology to leverage citizens' needs.


URBANAGE Test case to find shadow rich locations in the city of Gent, Belgium.

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