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URBANAGE Women Leaders Encourage Young Women into ICT Careers

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

This May the URBANAGE consortium launched their Women in ICT Campaign that will span the duration of the project. During the campaign the inspiring women working on the URBANAGE project will be interviewed to understand the motivations for their careers, the path taken, lessons learned and advice for young women thinking of entering the digital domain . The interview results will be published on the project's website and shared across social media to provide widespread dissemination. Furthermore, based on the answers, the STEAM(IT) team will prepare one Career Sheet for each interview for official use in schools and universities; the careers sheets can be found here.

Primary and secondary school teachers (for children 4-21 years old, depending on the country) will take these sheets and present them to the pupils in class. The scope is to promote STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to pupils and make them understand the different types of jobs or career paths they can choose from.

URBANAGE is committed on playing its part in raising awareness of women working in STEM domain and encouraging women into pursuing technical careers.

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