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URBANAGE and the Challenges Related to the Adoption of Disruptive Technologies

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The ETAPAS project organized a workshop on Disruptive technologies in the Public Sector on April 30th. The workshop was a opportunity to have policy makers, researchers and practitioners discussing the challenges of disruptive technologies in public sector. including ethical, social and legal repercussions. During this workshop the “ETAPAS Code of Conduct” was presented as a way to help raise awareness of the need to manage ethical impacts.

URBANAGE Coordinator (Dr. Roberto Di Bernardo), participated in a session dedicated to the implementation of ethical AI in (smart) cities. Mr Di Bernardo presented URNANAGE's main goals and areas of application in Helsinki, Santander and in the Region of Flanders. During the workshop, he drew attention towards urban planning practices, where the use of disruptive technologies (for evidence-based decision-making processes) is still untapped.. Talking about aging-friendly cities, specific ethical concerns were highlighted, in particular bias and discriminations that can be introduced by skepticisms and stereotypes.

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