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URBANAGE Introduced to Smart Cities Action Cluster

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

URBANAGE partner Patricia Molina Costa, from Tecnalia, participated as a senior expert in the Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster on Integrated Planning. The online event was held on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

The Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster consists of an assembly of partners from across Europe working on specific issues related to smart cities. Within the framework of the Action Cluster they share their knowledge, skills and expertise with peers. This cross-border information exchange helps unlock added-value from everyone's national and local experiences and identifies gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level.

The Smart Cities Marketplace Action Cluster meeting on integrated planning, policies and regulation provided members with an an update on past activities and the current status of its initiatives, including:

  • From Planning and Implementation to Replication

  • Regulatory Frameworks

  • Tools and Standards for Smart Cities

In addition to Patricia's expertise within the group, Andrea Halmos from the initiative provided a comprehensive overview on how a digital future looks for Europe taking into account new technological, societal and political developments as the use of digital twins for integrated planning, and New European Bauhaus. URBANAGE was highlighted in Andrea's presentation as an example of digital twin innovation taking place in Flanders, Helsinki and Santander.

For more information on the Smart Cities Marketplace visit Action clusters | Smart Cities Marketplace (

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