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Helsinki - use case 2: Point of Interest

Elderly couple

Description and goal

Use case 2 follows the same data collection process but the main idea is to collect Point of Interest data about the most pleasant and enjoyable places and spaces in the Vuosaari neighbourhood. In use case 2 the main goal is to create a data collection method and visualisation on places older citizens enjoy, like to visit or spend their time in. Data will be collected in general format (e.g. GeoJSON) to secure FVH servers which will enable further utilisation and sharing among the city departments and Urbanage platform. Any potential data visualisations and integration to existing data management systems and service delivery will be designed in collaboration with city officials.

Point of interest (PoI) data will be collected with an IoT-device designed by Forum Virium Helsinki. In the planning of usability design takes into account the varying capacity of older people to adopt new technologies.

Involved persona’s

This use case will generate a Point of Interest dataset which contains points of places and spaces that the senior citizens find interesting and particularly pleasant. Older adults will use IoT-device to generate Point of Interest data. Citizens feed information on: 

  • this is a pleasant place/This is a place I enjoy;

  • I enjoy the greenery here;

These categories/functionalities can be changed during the implementation phase depending on the user feedback or rising needs.

 Through the data collection in this use case, the city planners in Helsinki have access to Point of Interest data through map platform and can make better informed decisions to plan more accessible and enjoyable urban environments. For example, the social and wellbeing division can evaluate the network of points of interest and potentially make suggestions that could encourage and motivate older adults to exercise and explore their neighborhood. Users can also explore generated data through browser map view.

Expected outcomes


  • Citizens and civil servants are able to view generated data on a browser map view and can use the map view to explore points of interest. This potentially encourages citizens to explore their local area and creates a sense of place among the local community.

  • Receiving user generated information, collected through a wide scope of methods, and adding interactivity, moves the city towards a more proactive operational model in services and maintenance.


Policy (evidence-based)

  • City of Helsinki and civil servants in different departments have a better understanding of places and spaces that the older citizens enjoy in the city. Long term expected outcome is better urban planning in the perspective of older citizens. Points of Interest data could for example assist in placing new green areas and benches or in general could be used to evaluate the quality of public spaces.

Communication/co-creation/co-design (storytelling, gamification) 

  • The data set provides an interesting overview of points of interest and enjoyable places in the pilot area that users can view in browser map view.

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