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New Webinar on Ethics and Privacy in Active Assisted Living

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

URBANAGE partner, AAL Association, invites you all on June 29th at 15:00 CET to an online event on Ethics and Privacy in Active Assisted Living.

The workshop aims at:

  • Highlighting the importance of addressing properly ethics and privacy to obtain high standard and quality in R&D related to human-technology interactions,

  • Introducing the AAL Guidelines for Ethics, Data Privacy and Security, released in 2020,

  • Sharing initial lessons learnt from discussions with European AHA solutions (e.g. developers, health and social care providers, user organisations, certification bodies and assessors),

  • Discussing the opportunity to develop a formal 'ethical excellence' recognition system for Active & Healthy Ageing (AHA) digital solutions.

More info on the webinar and how to register at this link.

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